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        Sorbic Acid & Sorbates
        Calcium propionate
        Chemical Name: Calcium Propionate
        Molecular Formula: C6H10CaO4·(0-1H2O)
        Molecular Weight: 186.22
        Properties: White crystalline granule crystalline powder; odourless or with little propionate smell; deliquescence; easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethabol.
        Quality standard: HG2921-1999, FCC-V
        Application: Food preservative; moldy inhibitors.
        Packing: The net weight of each box is 10kg, the amount of each box is 20 bags and the weight of each bag is 500g. Or the amount of each box is 10 bags and the weight of each bag is 1000g. Or it is packed with polyethylene bag as liner and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.
        Storage and transport: Kept in tightly closed containers, it should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse, kept away from moisture and hot. Furthermore, it should be stored separately from poisonous substances. Handled with care, so as to avoid damaging to bags.
        Index item HG2921-1999 FCC-V
        Content% 99.0 99.0-100.5
        Loss on drying≤% 9.5 5.0
        Heavy metal(in lead)≤% 0.001 --
        Fluorine≤% 0.003 0.003
        Magnesium≤% -- 0.4
        Insolubles≤% 0.30 0.20
        Arsenic(in As2O2)Content≤% 0.0004 --
        Lead≤% -- 0.0002
        Free acid or Free alkali Pass the fest --
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